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Vinson & Bales, Attorneys at Law believes that a divorce or child custody matter does not have to be contentious. Often, through negotiations and discussions, a family law matter can be resolved quickly and easily. Vinson & Bales Attorneys have over 30 years of family law experience and can handle all issues involving Divorce, Child Custody, and Premarital/Postmarital Agreements, whether at the negotiation table or in the courtroom. Should it become necessary to fully litigate your legal issue, Vinson & Bales will handle all of your legal matters so that you can focus on yourself and your family.

A divorce terminates the marriage between two individuals. During the divorce process, marital property is divided-up and the care and custody of the children of the marriage is decided.

The divorce process officially begins with a Petition for Divorce, which is filed with the court by one of the parties.

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties work toward an amicable agreement. Vinson & Bales, Attorneys at Law has negotiated numerous agreed divorces and offers decades of experience assisting clients with their decisions and goals during the divorce process.

A contested divorce is more contentious and time consuming and will cost more in legal fees than an uncontested divorce because it usually involves more court intervention, hearings, and a final trial. The contested divorce will include the discovery period, where all assets, property, and debts are accessed and evaluated. Additionally, decisions involving child custody, access, possession, and support are determined, as well as spousal support (or alimony), on a temporary basis. Often courts will require mediation to encourage parties to reach a settlement without further court involvement. However, if a settlement is impossible, Vinson & Bales, Attorneys at Law offers years of courtroom experience to expertly and skillfully bring your case to final trial and a final resolution.

Vinson & Bales, Attorneys at Law will guide you through the contested divorce process and will help you understand the costs and benefits of your decisions during this time. We will work with you to reach the goals and results that you are seeking.

Child Custody:
Child custody involves the rights and responsibilities of the parents. Possession, access, custody, and support of children are always determined during the divorce process. Modification of the parenting plan may become necessary when the plan becomes unworkable or substantial changes have occurred. At this point, a Petition to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship can be filed with the court to begin the process of making needed changes involving custody of the children.

Child custody issues also occur when parents were never married but have a child together. Sometimes parents can work out an agreed custody arrangement, while at other times court intervention is needed to decide the rights and responsibilities of the parents as well as the legal rights of each parent to the child. At times, it becomes necessary to establish paternity for the child. Vinson & Bales, Attorneys at Law will guide you through the child custody process and offer guidance and advice that will work best for you and your children.

Marital Agreements:
Premarital or Prenuptial Agreement is, in essence, a contracted agreement between two parties before the marriage that establishes independence and control of specific assets in the event of divorce. In recent years, Premarital Agreements have become more common among marrying couples to protect individual assets without the stigma of distrust that used to accompany such agreements.

A Postnuptial Agreement is created during the marriage and establishes ownership of individual assets should a break-up occur. Postnuptial Agreements provide predictability and certainty to both spouses in the event of a divorce.

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